SellingU Program


Get ahead of the game.

Give your recent or soon-to-be college graduate an unfair advantage in their job search!

In today’s economy, starting your career can be incredibly difficult–especially for recent and soon-to-be college graduates. That’s why The CAS Group’s new SellingU Program is such a vital career development tool. It gives your soon-to-be college graduates an unfair advantage–the power to sell themselves!

The SellingU Program is ideal for juniors, seniors and recent grads who are interested in a professional career path that is built on a strong foundation of sales or selling themselves. The skills we’ll help them develop will benefit them not only in their initial career search, but for the rest of their careers.



This 6-week program is designed to help participants:

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine what they like and want to do
  • Network
  • Interview
  • Sell themselves
  • Attain a competitive edge over other job candidates

In addition, this program will have regular visits from real-life CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other senior-level executives from around the St. Louis area. These executives will help educate participants on real-life situations and give them their expertise.

This program is not only designed for someone looking for a specific career in sales, but also for those that will be in a career where selling themselves will be important.


Course Schedule


Week 1

Assessing strengths, weaknesses, personality, and motivations (with assessments)


Week 4

Networking and selling yourself


Week 2

Reviewing and evaluating results and developing a career search plan


Week 5

Interviewing (phone, face-to-face, video)


Week 3

Writing a resume and social media tips (Facebook, LinkedIn)


Week 6

Selling skills and negotiating


In addition to benefitting from the power of the SellingU Program, each student will have direct access to The CAS Group, a leading national recruiting company focusing on career placement. We can help introduce, network, and market students to our vast list of connections and clients.

Contact us to learn more. It make be the biggest boost to their career they’ll ever get, beyond their degree.